Health IT is a national priority and a rapidly expanding industry. UT Austin’s Health Informatics and Health IT Education Programs are dedicated to providing excellence in Health IT education. We offer an executive education programs and a professional education program that is designed to fast-track college grads into Health IT careers.


“Throughout my undergraduate career, I maintained an interest and passion with healthcare. I teeter-tottered continuously about going to medical school or graduate school, and when graduation day arrived, I realized that going back into school was not for me at that time. However, I still had energy and a drive to learn and impact the field of healthcare as much as I could. The University of Texas Health IT and Informatics Program was the perfect place to be. The program helped me understand something I didn’t learn in health-related classes: how healthcare is transforming with technology. Since I had no concrete experience with IT, I was in awe at the multiple opportunities the program offered after only 9 weeks of education and its hands-on experience. The knowledge and wisdom I gained from the outstanding faculty helped me converse with professionals in the field, and would consistently raise eyebrows that only after 9 weeks we had impressively learned key information in the HIT world. I now work as an EHR analyst and program manager, and there are many different routes in HIT I see myself venturing into. If it were not for the UT HIT and Informatics Program, I would have no clue what these areas would be, nor would I be able to enter them at all. Because of the wisdom I gained from the professors, faculty, Dr. Field, and the network of alumni from this Program, I am more inspired then ever to enhance and improve healthcare for every person in this world.”

David Kolacney, Summer 2015
Systems Analyst, Texas Children’s Hospital

“After deciding not to pursue professional school immediately after college, I found post-graduate options for Biology majors to be few and far between. I happened to hear about the UT Health IT and Health Informatics Program entirely by chance from a friend that had previously undergone it and decided to enroll. I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about how a program barely two months long could help my career outlook significantly – especially considering I had no formal IT experience beforehand. However, nine weeks later, I was not only comfortable with presenting pertinent issues in the healthcare field to industry professionals, I found myself adept in project management as well proficient with multiple different Electronic Health Record systems – again, with no previous experience whatsoever. I am now an IT Project Manager, a role I could never have imagined ascending to before, and am truly grateful to Dr. Field and the HIT team for providing me with such an incredible opportunity to learn and succeed.”

Khan Mohammad, Summer 2016
IT Project Manager, Caravan Health

“The University of Texas Health Informatics and Health IT changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Before the program, I was lost in every sense of the word. I was fresh out of college and was unsure if I wanted to go to graduate school. So I began applying for jobs in hopes of building up my professional experience while I decided my next steps. I knew I wanted to work in the Healthcare field but was unsure in what capacity. As many recent grads, I learned the hard way that my expensive piece of paper I worked so hard for was not a guarantee of employment. This search spanned into a whole year full of disappointments, rejections, and self-doubt……then I heard of the UT Health Informatics and Health IT Program program. From that point on, my life has never been the same. Not only did I receive a graduate level education from top professors but I also made great friends I now consider family. I’m now working for a great company with amazing co-workers, culture, and work-life balance. I’m also pursuing a master’s degree in the very field the professors in the HIT program made me so passionate about. I owe everything I am and everything I will become in large part to this program. I am so proud to say I am a UT Health Informatics and Health IT program alumni.

Femi Komolafe, Summer 2015
Associate, The Advisory Board Company

“You’re not in the minority if you finish your college career with some degree of uncertainty of snagging the right job. We have all been there. My student life consisted of working hard in the classroom without knowing what the future holds for me; a struggle I’m sure every student can relate with. The Health Informatics and Health IT program was conferred to me by a good friend of mine. Mindful of the competitive job market post-grad, I was aware my employment prospects were slim. I had the degree, but no technical experience. I needed a new opportunity to build myself professionally without the price tag of a graduate degree right away. My time with the Health IT program has been memorable and beneficial. Classmates turned into family and knowledge turned into action. This program is simply what you make of it. I would not consider this the easy route for employment, but rather another chance to market yourself to companies who would overlook your potential otherwise. If you’re attracted to a flourishing industry with the desire to learn and grow, this program is the right fit for you.”

Shakir Hassan, Summer 2015
Solutions Analyst, Ascension Information Services

Health IT Students
A groundbreaking transformation is occurring in the delivery of health care in the United States as the federal government and private health care organizations work to curb skyrocketing health care costs and ensure affordable, accessible health coverage for all.

An important component of this medical revolution is Health Information Technology (Health IT), the use of information and communication technology in health care to record, store, protect, retrieve and transfer medical information within healthcare settings. The field of Health IT bridges several professional disciplines including medicine and allied health professions, law, informatics, computer science, business, project management and research.

President Barack Obama has made the investment in “e-health” a priority for the U.S. Towards that end, the president is investing $56 billion dollars in the next five years to move the U.S. health care system to “paperless medicine” by encouraging physicians to adopt standards-based electronic health record (EHRs). It is estimated that between 50,000 and 200,000 new jobs will be created in Health IT in the near future.

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