2016 – FHIR Health App Design Challenge!

2016 Healthcare App Design Challenge results

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for making this event successful!

UT Health Informatics and Health IT, UT Computer Science Department,

Cerner Corporation, Seton Healthcare Family, Jericho Systems, SXSW Interactive, athenaHealth

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1st Place Winners: Primum Non Nocere

Brian Vodicka Esaias Tong Enrique Sotomayor Xanxian Liu Daniel Santa Maria

App Name: CARE – To better connect doctors with the visiting patients

Description: In this app, a statistical machine learning model algorithm, retrieves data from other similar patients who have undergone the same procedures or under same medications, to understand what is important for the current visiting patient. For example, a patient with some degree of commonality with other patients will have a prediction of their expected diagnosis outcome, with a degree of certainty. This mining feature integrated in the app design was very unique and innovative in itself. Another great addition to this app is the visual flowchart that shows the susceptibility of the patient from the greatest risk to the least risk.

2nd Place: The Whirling Dervishes

Nishika Karbhari Jonathan Chu Nishil Shah Qicong Deng Anita Vasudevan

App Name: MediSync

Description: Patient’s side of the story was conveyed well by integrating a video of the patient themselves prior to their visits. This was a very unique and innovative feature in this app. They have implemented basic ideas/notions from tele-medicine as well and have brought in a different future perspective to the app design. Trend of the available information and the ability to communicate this information in a shared manner between providers was also very unique to this app. Prioritized clinical data, patient timeline with fuzzy search capability were some of the features available in this app making it easy for the provider’s visualization purposes


3rd Place: Kuhaaku

Aseal Yousuf Deepthi Kumbham Jeanette Tang Thomas Snitz Stephanie Carol Jiang

App Name: Kuhaaku

Description: A scalable web app to provide a holistic patient story for all involved parties of an Accountable Care organizations was created. Identified social and medical history of the patient were conveyed well from the context of the patient. The timeline feature was well integrated with social and medical history information and the layout for the whole application was well designed and unique.